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1911 Inside the Waistband Holster


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Due to the slim profile of the 1911 pistols, the 1911 conceal carry holsters are ideal! Our IWB tuckable holsters are durable yet comfortable and lightweight because we use thinner grade thermoplastic than we use on our Modular Outside the Waistband holsters. We have integrated a sweatguard in every IWB holster to protect the slide from sweat, and for the 1911's specifically, to protect the slide safety.
The belt attachments offered with our concealed gun holsters will fit whatever need you have! The J Hook is a great option for quick manipulation of the holster on or off the body, and the belt loop attachment is a better option for a more secure fit to the body by completely enclosing the belt.
Each belt attachment comes with a specific cant angle to allow for optimum drawing of the handgun depending on where you decide to conceal carry. If you are a right handed shooter and like to carry over the appendix, a left handed 20 degree cant is the optimum carry angle. Our friend Ed Stock showed us this way, so we call it "Ed Stock Style". If you carry on the hip or slight behind, a 15 degree works well, and if you carry in the small of the back, a 20 degree cant works well. The belt attachments are secured to the holster by stainless steel socket cap screws, so they are very easy to interchange.
We have also discovered by using the opposite belt attachment (i.e. a left handed belt attachment with a right handed holster) helps with the drawing angle when carrying in the front.
Please note that there is no difference in a 5 Degree belt attachment for left or right hand shooters!

Features of the 1911 IWB holsters:

  • Fully adjustable isometric tensioning system
  • IDPA approved
  • Made from high quality thermoplastic
  • Interchangeable belt attachments
  • Minimal encroachment into the triggerguard area to accommodate different style triggers
  • Forward trigger stop prevent travel of the weapon in the holster and accidental discharge
  • Sweatguard feature on all IWB holsters protects the slide safety and keeps perspiration off metal slide
  • Our holster will accommodate the 1911 Full Size (Government model with 5" barrel) with or without the light rail and 1911 Mid Size (Commander model with 4", 4.25" barrel) without the light rail
  • Will not fit the Sig Sauer 1911 style pistols
  • The only confirmed Springfield model that our 1911 holster will fit is the MC and TRP Operator
  • Will not fit double stack 1911 pistols (i.e. Para Ordinance, STI)
  • Confirmed to fit models made by Kimber, Smith and Wesson, Springfield (MC Operator only), Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, and many others

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RH: right handed shooter, LH: left handed shooter