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Adjustable Cant Belt Slide for OWB Holsters


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These belt slides require a round aluminum "mask" to attach to the holster. If you do not have this mask, you must select the option "with aluminum mask".

We developed a one piece belt slide for our modular outside the waistband holsters. The footprint has been shortened and cut out of one piece of plastic to ensure a rigid belt slide. These belt slides retro fit all our modular holsters and sits comfortably on the hip.
If you like your holster to sit lower on your waist, check out our drop offset which lowers the holster 1 1/4" from the belt and offsets the belt holster 1/4" from the hip.
  • 1.5", 1.75", 2", or 2.25" belt widths (each sold separately)
  • Belt slots completely enclosed
  • Made from polyprophelene
  • Black color option only
  • Fits snugly against the waist
  • Fully adjustable 60 degree forward and rear cant angle for the semi- auto
  • Fully adjustable 30 degree forward and rear cant angle for the revolver